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#Winning. We all love to #win. And with a new year in front of us, and the scorecard of 2018 looming large in our minds, now is the time to make new decisions, new habits, new patterns, new resolutions, to ensure we #WIN in 2019.

Our culture tells you that if you want to be a #winner at life, you have to hustle more, work harder, set bigger goals, take risks, never give up, hone your skills, focus on your strengths, do more, learn more, achieve more. It’s a never-ending cycle of hustle, work, achieve, repeat. It’s like a hamster wheel that never stops, but the result isn’t always #winning; instead we get #LessSleep, #MoreStress, #LessTime for family and fun and the things we enjoy.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Real #winners don’t play the same game as everybody else. God invites us into a different game altogether. Join us in January at The Village as we explore four #hacks of #winners.

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Jan. 13 - Winners Lose

Jan. 27 - Winners Give


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Series Resources


By Matthew Sleeth

A message in stopping and investing in a Sabbath and how that can change your life.



By Greg McKeown

A message in quitting and taking time to identify and focus what is most important to you and your call.

The Hole in Our Gospel

By Richard Stearns

A message on giving, and what it would look like to buy-in to giving the blessings we have received.