What About _____?

Honest Answers to Big Questions

Sundays In January at 9:00 & 10:30AM - 200 Sunset Trl

Everybody has questions and everybody wants answers. So many of us have been told that our questions aren't welcomed, particularly our questions about life and faith and God and meaning. But that doesn't mean our questions go away. So many of us are still searching for answers, or at least for a place where we know we can ask our questions.

Join us at The Village this January for "What About ___?" as we begin to wrestle with some of the most often asked questions about life, faith, and God.

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Throughout this series, we want to discuss and offer honest answers to the key questions that are on your minds. Click the button below to submit your big questions about God, faith, and life's meaning, and they could be incorporated into the series!

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More Space to Ask Questions: Alpha

If you are asking these big questions about God, faith, life, and purpose and want a place to dive into them more, check out Alpha! Alpha is an 11 week course that explores the basics of the Christian faith one topic at a time. Once a week, people both new to faith and those wanting to explore concepts with one another deeper, gather together for a meal, a video, and open and honest conversation about topics ranging from the Bible to evil to life's purpose.

Alpha will begin the week of January 28th! You can learn more and sign up to receive more info using the button below.

Don't Miss a Sunday!

While we encourage and wish everyone could be here every Sunday, we know things come up! If for some reason, you can't join us in person, watch on Facebook as we go LIVE every Sunday at 9:00AM, or catch up with our podcast or video below!

Audio Podcast

Week 1: What About When Bad Things Happen?

Week 3: What About Science?

Week 2: What About The Bible?

Week 4: What About the End?