Our Story

The Village is a new church in the Lenox Village/Nolensville/Cane Ridge area that began weekly worship gatherings in January 2016.

We welcome all people as they are. Period.

Often heard at any of our gatherings is the phrase “no one belongs here more than you.” This is not just a church for people who feel like they are “church people”. This is a church for people who have been part of a church their entire lives, and people who’ve never stepped foot inside a church building. We invite people who know a lot about God, and people who have a lot of questions about God. We welcome with open arms, people who have stepped away from church, people who are hoping for something new in a church, and people who are thinking about coming back to church.

We exist to connect everyone to the love of Jesus, grow in our trust and understanding of him, contribute all of our gifts and resources to building God's kingdom, and go out to love and serve our neighbors.

Listen to Lead Pastor, Travis Garner, share about how The Village came to be.