Made For More

Sunday, September 8 - October 16 @ 200 Sunset Trl.

Maybe you’ve said these words out loud to someone else. Maybe you’ve just said them to yourself. But you’ve probably thought them. There has to be more. Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. Your family is fine. (As fine as a family can be.) Work is fine. You’ve done the things you thought you’d do, maybe you’ve even been more successful than you ever dreamed. Yet you still feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Is this all there is, or is there more to life than this? What if you discovered that you’d been chosen and created to do something uniquely prepared for you to do? Something that would make an impact well beyond your own existence? That you were made for more? Join us for the next six weeks at The Village and discover that there is more and that you were specifically Made for More.


Don't Miss a Sunday!

While we encourage and wish everyone could be here every Sunday, we know things come up! If for some reason, you can't join us in person, watch on Facebook as we go LIVE every Sunday at 9:00AM, or catch up with our podcast or video below!

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