Love Does

Summer 2019 - 200 Sunset Trl.

Love does lots of things. It makes your heart beat faster. It makes your tongue get tied when you try to speak. It gives you butterflies in your stomach when it’s brand new. Love is one thing when it’s a noun, but it’s another thing altogether when it becomes a verb, when it shifts from emotion to action. You see, real love doesn’t just feel, real love does. And when love does, life gets interesting. When a church and the people in it embrace the power of what Love Does, nothing can stop them. Join us this summer, starting Sunday, June 2nd, as we’re challenged to put love into action in our homes, our neighborhoods, and beyond. 


Weekly Challenges

Each week we’ll issue a challenge to complete together as a church that helps us to better put love into action throughout our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Check back here weekly if you miss a challenge!

Week 1 Challenge - Love Does

Walk your neighborhood or place of work in prayer. Look for opportunities that you have to love and serve the people around you. You can use the images below to guide you as you go and remind you of all of the different ways that Jesus loved, and that we too are called to love.

Week 2 Challenge - Love Risks

This week, do something that feels risky! You can pick a word from the list above or do something you already have in mind. The challenge is simply to take a risk in how you love and overcome your feel of failing at it!

Week 3 Challenge - Love Shares

This week, we have a specific way for you to share the love of Jesus! At a drive through, anonymously pay for the person’s order behind you. You can take it a step further by leaving a note that simply says, “You are loved by God.”

Week 4 Challenge - Love Welcomes

This week, invite someone. That’s it! Invites someone to join you for coffee, dinner, to church, or a community event. Invest in someone this week by giving them an invitation and welcoming them.

WEEK 5 Challenge - Love SERVES

This week, join us in our Rooted readings, reading the entirety of the Sermon on the Mount and sign up for our annual Day of Service, Sent Sunday event!


This week, say “Yes” to something that you feel God is nudging you to do!

Week 7 Challenge - Love Embraces

Send out a letter to someone who you feel needs an embrace, encouragement, and reminder that you are there with them and for them.

Don't Miss a Sunday!

While we encourage and wish everyone could be here every Sunday, we know things come up! If for some reason, you can't join us in person, watch on Facebook as we go LIVE every Sunday at 9:00AM, or catch up with our podcast or video below!

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Week 1 - Love Does

Week 2 - Love Risks

Week 3 - Love Shares

Week 5 - Love Serves

Week 7 - Love Embraces

Week 4 - Love Welcomes

Week 6 - Love Responds


This series is inspired by the book, Love Does, by Bob Goff. You can get this book, and the kids edition on Amazon using the links below!