Long Story Short

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Followers of Jesus agree that the Bible is really important to them, but let’s be honest: it’s an intimidating book. How many times have we all started reading it with great intentions to read it cover to cover only to get bogged down in what feels like an endless list of rules that we can’t quite follow and we’re not sure still apply to us? 

Here’s the thing about the Bible: it is one big story, and we need to know it. We need to know it because whether we know it or not (and whether we like it or not), we are living a chapter of the ongoing story of God. It’s our story. The more we know about the overall story, the more prepared we can be to live the chapter we’re currently living.

Join us this spring at The Village for “Long Story Short," as we take a 30,000 foot look at the overarching story of God and try to find our place in it. 


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Week 6 - The Church

Week 5 - Jesus

Week 4 - Israel

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