Here For Good

In Psalm 132, God says to the people, “This will always be my home; this is what I want, and I’m here for good.” Here permanently, and here for the benefit of all people. We want to say the same thing to our community! Join us in this new series, as we worship, pray, and reflect on how we can be a church that’s Here For Good. This four-week series will coincide with our Here For Good campaign and one of our beginning steps to establish The Village as a permanent partner in our community and the surrounding areas.

On this page you’ll find more information about the campaign including an FAQ, an online commitment card, our full-campaign guide, and any stories, videos, and services that we share throughout the campaign!

Our Story

The Village has spent the last 3 years pursuing a mission of leading ordinary people to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who change the world, while growing and learning in our temporary home at Sunset Middle School. But now, The Village is ready to take it’s next steps towards a more permanent home within the community, starting with the Here For Good campaign. Through this campaign, The Village hopes to reduce the $1.5 million debt on our 27 acres of land purchased in February, by at least $750,000 or more, to better position itself financially for a building campaign starting fall 2019.

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Want to hear the whole story? Check out campaign guide for all of the info about The Village & the Here For Good campaign!

Join the Campaign

Here’s a few ways you can join us in supporting the Here For Good Campaign!

Pray With Us:

  • Pray with us as a church the following prayer, “Lord, what’s the good you’d like to do through me?” And listen to how God may be leading you to be involved in this campaign

Worship With US:

  • Come join us at 200 Sunset Trl for these special Sunday Services

Gratitude Sunday - Oct. 28, 2018

Celebration Sunday - Nov. 11, 2018

Ministry Sunday - Nov. 4, 2018

Commitment Sunday - Nov. 18, 2018

Give to the Here For Good campaign!

Click “Giving Info” to learn more about the many ways you can give to the Here For Good campaign.

Click “Make a Commitment” to place a commitment to the Here For Good campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is The Land?

    1. Our newly purchased property of 27 acres is comprised of a 23 acre parcel of land at  7224 Old Burkitt Rd. and a single family home sitting on four acres of land at 7236 Old Burkitt Rd.

  2. How Much Is the campaign trying to Raise?

    1. Our hope is that the 13-month contributions to the Here For Good campaign will reduce the $1.5 million debt by at least $500,000 or even cut the debt in half or more. It is important to note that 100% of all campaign contributions will be applied directly to principal reduction of the debt. The annual mission and ministry plan of the church will continue to fund the interest on the loan.

  3. Where Will The Money Come From?

    1. The Here For Good campaign will be primarily funded through the generosity of people like you, who call The Village home and want to invest in the future and legacy of The Village and this community. Two large gifts have already been received from outside donors, a $1 million gift that went directly to the land’s down-payment, and a $100,000 from the Tennessee United Methodist Conference that will pay a portion of the remaining $1.5 million mortgage. However, we don’t anticipate, and cannot depend on, additional outside donations or other funding.

  4. How Can I Be Involved?

    1. Continue to gather for worship and begin to pray a simple prayer, “Lord, what’s the good you want to do through me?” For now, you are invited to seek God’s direction and consider your part in the Here For Good emphasis. In the weeks ahead, you will receive more information and inspiration during special worship experiences and other gatherings. Then, on November 18, we will celebrate Commitment Sunday and invite you to make your commitment to the Here For Good campaign. The 13-month contribution period for this gift will commence in December of this year and continue through December 2019.

  5. Why ARE WE RUNNING THIS CAMPAIGN NOW? What’s The Timeline?

    1. With the lease at Sunset Middle School ending in October 2021, we have only 3 years to design, secure funding, and construct a church building on our property. The Here For Good campaign launches this month and will conclude in mid-November. Following the campaign, a 13-month contribution period will begin this December and conclude in December 2019. In the fall of 2019, the building campaign will begin with the goal of starting construction in 2020. This timeline is set up to give us a fall 2021 move-in date. Conducting the Here For Good campaign this fall allows us to reduce our current debt and enter into next fall’s building campaign with a clearer understanding of our financial position and what is needed and feasible for construction.

  6. Why Two Campaigns? Why Not One?

    1. Before asking you to support a campaign for construction, it will be important to provide as much detail as possible (site plan, floorplan of the building, capacity/square footage, cost estimates, architectural renderings, etc.). We simply don’t have this information now and won’t until next year. So, by having the Here For Good campaign first, we our able to focus on funding the land even as we intentionally plan for the building. In short, the first campaign will position us for the second1