What About The Bible?

Throughout our "What About ___?" series we have asked you to submit your questions about God, faith, and life's meaning here. We have received a number of questions about the Bible, how to read it, what are the differences between books, and more!

Below you will find some resources and strategies to read and increase your understanding of the Bible. 

What About the Bible - Jan. 14 Sermon

Strategies for Reading & Reflection

Below is an explanation of the SOAP method of reading and journalling. This is a method personally suggested by Travis to grow in the understanding of scripture and application to your personal life. SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.

  • Scripture - At the top of a fresh page, I write the date, and then I write the verses or words that stuck out to me the most as I read. Usually something will stick out to me or hit me in a new way or I'll notice something I'd never noticed before. If nothing really sticks out to me, I'll try to find the verses or words that capture the main idea of the passage. If I can't find that, I usually drink more coffee and try again!
  • Observation - After I write the scripture, I try to summarize what's happening in the story or put the main idea into my own words. What's happening here? What's the context? Who's involved? What's the main point?
  • Application - Once I've summarized the main point, I answer these questions: "What's God saying to me in this? What am I going to do about it?" What might need to change in my life? What might I need to try to do differently? How might my attitude or approach to life or to a particular situation in my life shift because of what I've read or what God is saying to me? Sometimes, I'll notice God leading me to think in a direction that's not even directly related to what I've read, but I'll write that down anyway.
  • Prayer - At the end of my page, I'll write a brief one or two sentence prayer, usually asking God to help me with what I've read or what I've decided to try or do or think differently in the day ahead. I'll also use this as a time to pray for my day ahead, looking at my calendar and praying for what's on my schedule. 

Bible Resources

These are resources that Travis recommends and has found personally helpful in his spiritual growth and understanding of the Bible!