4x4 Groups

What are 4x4 Groups?

4x4 Groups are gender-specific groups of around 4 people who meet together every week to intentionally grow in their trust and understanding of who Jesus is and their willingness to follow him in every day life. 4x4 Groups offer some of the best opportunities to grow in a comfortable setting, and form lasting relationships!

4x4 Groups do 4 things together

Frequently asked Questions

  • Is there a lesson plan or materials provided for 4x4 groups?
    • 4x4 groups are led by their members and have no formal lesson plan or materials. Your group can choose whatever they would like to study! A book, a reading plan, a book of the Bible, etc. The Village does provide its Rooted Reading Plan as an option for groups to study!
  • How can I find a 4x4 group?
    • 4x4 Groups are supported by The Village, but not organized by The Village. All you have to do to create a 4x4 group is ask people to join you weekly to talk about God, pray for one another, and live life alongside one another! 
    • If you're not sure who to ask to join you in this journey, think about who you would feel comfortable being open and honest with about your faith!
    • Often a good path to creating 4x4 groups is by starting with a Village Group, and when comfortable, asking 3 members to join you in a 4x4 group.

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