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2000 years ago the world was given the best gift it has ever received. A gift that forever changed the course of human history. A gift that has the power to change the trajectory of every human life, every family, every neighborhood, every community. During the season of Advent—the season of waiting in anticipation of the birth of Christ—we prepare our hearts and minds for the arrival of that gift. The gift of the hope, peace, joy, and love of Jesus that we receive at Christmas isn’t a new gift. We’re not the first people to whom it was promised and we’re not the first people to whom it’s been given. We only have it because it’s been regifted to us. It’s a gift that has the power change everything when we receive it, and it gains even more power when we give it away.



We are so excited to share these practices for all ages this Advent! Advent—the season of the Christian year that is a time of preparation for the coming Christ at Christmas, is filled with anticipation as we prepare our hearts for Jesus. We hope that you might use these readings and activities to pull away from the hustle and distractions of the season in order to focus on Jesus as God’s gift of love to each of us.


Each week we invite you to join us in daily scripture readings that explore deeper into Sunday’s message. As you read, we ask you to consider two basic questions. 1.) What is God saying to me as I read this? AND 
2.) What am I going to do about it? 

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Get in the spirit of the season with this simple Advent candle wreath!

Advent wreath supplies

Advent wreath supplies

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas songs are playing on the radio, and the weather is dipping into the 40s. As we prepare to journey toward Christmas, we invite you to take some time this weekend and assemble an Advent wreath to help you, friends, and family mark this season of hopeful waiting called Advent--the four weeks leading up to Christmas.


The instructions for the wreath, along with a supply list, is found on page 2 of the Regifted resource, which you can download here >>