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As the news reports continue to come in and people hear from friends and family members who are being affected by Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath, and Hurricane Irma approaches the Atlantic Coast, many of us are asking this question: What can I do to help?

In an attempt to answer this question, we invite you to join us in doing these four things: 


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We are coordinating a community-wide bucket drive, and assembling disaster recovery buckets. We will send them on for distribution to aid in clean-up. These buckets, when filled, contain essential supplies that will help individuals and families as they return to their homes and businesses once the floodwaters recede. CLICK HERE for the supply list and packing instructions. 

If you are pressed for time, or prefer to shop online, we've made an Amazon shopping list that you can use to get all your Disaster Response Bucket items in one quick and easy order!

Drop Off Locations

You can pick up empty buckets and drop off your full buckets to any of these locations throughout the next two weeks. You can drop off buckets at The Village (200 Sunset Trl) on September 3rd & 10th between 7:00AM - 12:00PM, or any of our customer partners during their business hours below, before September 9th. 

2) GIVE.

We have set up a text to give through The Village in order to send support directly to those responding in the affected areas. Simply text 28950 with the word iRespond and any dollar amount that you would like to give. (For example, text iRespond 50 to 28950 for a $50 donation.) You may also write a check to The Village and write “Hurricane Response” in the memo line if you would prefer to give in that way. 100% of what’s given through this will be sent directly to the affected areas. In addition, The Village will match the giving to this specific response effort through our missions fund. 

If you would prefer, you may give directly to UMCOR, an organization that works with local churches in the affected area for long-term relief and recovery work. 100% of giving to UMCOR goes to the efforts on the ground. Click here to donate directly to UMCOR.

3) PRAY.

There are people who are still at risk and in danger with much more potential for rain and damage over the next several days. Here is the prayer on our hearts:

"God, I don’t understand the hows and whys in times and situations like this, but I pray for the rain to stop. I pray that through your power and with the help of your Spirit you’ll send rescuers to the people who need to be rescued and provide safe places for people who don’t have anywhere to go. I pray that you will comfort the people who’ve lost everything. I pray that you will bring out the best in people in the worst of situations. I pray that you’ll fill the Church with the courage and the strength and the passion to rise up and be your people, to be the comforting, rescuing, healing, loving, serving hands and feet of Jesus to people who are in need. I pray for those of us who are sitting in dry homes and offices and schools today, that you’ll help us respond in ways that share your love and concern with the people who are scared and hurting and lost and in danger. Help us to be your people. Amen."

4) GO.

We are listening and speaking with organizations in Texas and Louisiana to determine when opportunities are available to send teams to areas affected by Harvey. If you are interested in serving on a team in the future, please fill out the form below:

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Service Area Interest
Where do you feel most comfortable and helpful serving?

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@thevillagenashville.com