What are the needs of The Village? What can I do to help?
We get this question quite a bit, and we're grateful that people are asking! At this time, The Village needs people who will pray, serve, invite, and give.

  • PRAY: We need regular and faithful prayer as we begin this work in a new community. Please pray for the people who live in the Lenox Village/Nolensville area, that people will be receptive to our work in the community, and that God will provide the resources, the people, and the space we need for this work.
  • SERVE: It takes a village to make The Village! One of the metaphors for the Church in Scripture is that the Church is a body and that we are members of that body. The work of the Church is dependent on all the members of the body performing their function. We're at our best and we have the best chance to make an impact in our community when we're all serving alongside each other in the name of Jesus. We're looking for people who dream of being part of something bigger than themselves, people who are willing to be stretched and who want to grow in their faith, people who desire to share the love of Christ with others in tangible ways to serve in a variety of ways in and through The Village.
    To find out more about how you can serve, please email us at info@thevillagenashville.com.
  • INVITE: Invest in the lives of friends, relatives, and neighbors in our community who do not have a church home and invite them to join us at The Village.
  • GIVE: There are several ways to give to our shared ministry in this community in addition to our weekly offering during worship:

    1) You can click here to give online to our shared ministry in this community. Simply create an account or log in if you already have an account.

    2) You can write a check to "The Village United Methodist Church" and mail it to:
                                        309 Franklin Rd., Brentwood, TN 37027.

    3) You can text "village" and any dollar amount to 28950.