Although we're not meeting together at The Village today, we're bringing The Village to your living room or wherever you gather today! Below, you'll find music, prayers, activities and discussion questions for all ages to help you celebrate the birth of Christ. We'll see you January 8th at 9am or 11am at Sunset Middle School, 200 Sunset Trail!

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Click below for a Spotify playlist or a couple videos of the songs that you can sing wherever you're gathering. Feel free to play a few of these and sing along at home!

Scripture: Luke 2:1-20


Here are some suggestions for activities or questions for people of all ages that you may talk about as you gather today.

Light: If you have an Advent candle set or wreath at home, light all of the Advent candles, ending with the final white candle, the candle of CHRIST.

Wonder: Take some time to wonder about the scripture reading either alone or out loud with others. For instance, "I wonder what it felt like the night Jesus was born. I wonder what the angels sounded like as they sang. I wonder how bright the star was." Share your own wondering questions as you think about the Christmas story.

Create: Read the Christmas story again and create your own drama to act out the story as a family. If you like, video it and upload it to YouTube and share with #NashVillageRegifted. (For a funny take on the story guaranteed to make anyone laugh, click here.)

Mission: Regifting Love All Year: Jesus is God’s gift to us: the greatest gift of LOVE! Consider the needs in your neighborhood or community. Make a plan with your family, your village group or others for how you can continue to bless those around you by helping with a need they might have.  How can you continue to share the gift of Christ’s love even after Christmas day?

CLOSING PRAYER: God, we thank you for the gift of Christ on Christmas. Help us remember that your great love is what today is all about. Amen.

INVITATION TO NEXT STEPS: JOIN US FOR DETOUR BEGINNING JANUARY 8TH! As Christmas winds down, we often begin to think about the direction of our lives. Where we've ended up; where we're going. Have you noticed that life has this way of taking us on detours, sending us to places we never expected to be? What do you do when life takes you to unexpected places? Watch this video inviting you to consider taking a "Detour" with us as we begin 2017 together.